The Ultimate Guide to Repairing and Troubleshooting your Roof

Is there a water stain on your ceiling? Can you hear loud thumping on your roof? These may be signs that there is something wrong in your roof. Most homeowners will just curl up in bed instead of doing something about the issue. In worst cases, if there is already water and leakage, you will need to look for the location of the leak.

Roof replacement may cost homeowners a lot. It may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Most if not all may not have an emergency budget that big. This is the reason why you need to address any problem early on. Early repair can prevent the possibility of replacement.

It is not always extreme damage when there is leakage in your roof. In fact, if there is a tree branch on it which causes damage, it may not signal replacement right there and then. You can just zoom into the specific issues and repair them or can just install new shingles. You may even opt to replace the flashing on your roof. According to at least 38,000 homeowners, the costs for the roof repair may be at minimum $800. Meanwhile, the cost of replacing your roof with a new one is $7,000. The difference between replacement and repair costs is ten-fold. The price ranges depending on the issue of your roof. Moreover, it may also be dependent on the materials needed.

Here is a guide for you to determine whether or not you need roof repair or replacement when there is damage. If it points out to damage, then it is time for you to call a professional. Unless it is an easy job that you can do it yourself, then, you may need the help of a professional roof expert. A kind reminder to all is this. It is very dangerous to be working on a roof and must be done with great caution. If you think you are not safe in repairing your own roof, then you should hire a contractor. Here are things that you can with specific damages in your roof.

1. The Flashing is damaged

The Issue

What is a flashing? It is known to be the material used for protection of any crease between structures. These structures may be a chimney or skylights. Flashing is commonly made out of plastic or metal. If you have ventilation pipes in your roof, most probably, you will see flashing. Once this is cracked or destroyed, the area will be prone to water or moisture.

What to do?

This solution will cost you about $20. You can just remove it and replace the flashing. The shingles and other materials surrounding it may be lifted. This is for proper removal and installation.

2. The sealant is already worn

The Issue

The edges of the skylights are covered by a sealant. When the sealant has been there for a longer time, it may lead to cracking. Thus, it may result in a leakage.

What to do?

The solution will cost you about $6. That is per tube of the new sealant that you will use. You will just have to re-caulk it. Then, you will need to apply a new tar. Remove the materials surrounding the aged sealant. This is for effective application.

3. There are punctures on your roof

The issue

There are many causes of punctures on your roof. First is that the weather. It is the greatest factor for punctures in the roof. Some causes may also include falling branches. Animals may also cause holes in the roof due to their scratching. A repair of your roof may cause you a lot. Punctures are said to be handled well only by professional roofing repairmen. This may need a complicated process. So, it is best to refrain from doing the repairing of the holes by yourself.

What to do?

The cost for repair may range from $300 to $1,000. This estimate is for both the materials and labor costs. The price will differ depending on the extent of the damage. Most professionals will be installing the first layer of sheathing. Then, it will be followed by felt paper and finally, shingles. Most homeowners just cover punctures with temporary sealants or caulk. But, for larger holes, this may not work anymore.

4. The Vent Booth is damaged

The issue

If your vent booth is damaged, it may also lead to leakage. The function of this part is to seal the area surrounding your vents. It is similar to the use of flashings on your roof.

What to do?

This will cost you about $10 to $20 for materials. There is no repair for this. It is advisable to just remove then replace the vent that has been damaged. Again, just lift the materials around it. You may have to remove the nailing of the old vent booth.

5. The roof’s shingles are damaged or missing

The issue

One common causes of the need for roof repair is the shingles. You may discover that some of them are damaged or already missing. These are some other outside factors that can cause damaged and missing shingles:

• Extreme weather conditions
• Strong winds blowing the shingles lose
• The shingles’ protective granules are already worn away
• The shingles got cracked due to animals on your roof
• Snow and hale may crack or break the shingles
• There may be pooling of water

What to do?

The cost of shingles per bundle may amount to $30. There is no room for repair. You need to replace the shingles. When there is pooling of water, you may need to remove any risk of future damage. Thus, you have to always clean your gutters to prevent any pooling.

6. The slit has already corroded

The issue

If the roof is made of tile, there may be slits between them. This slit is known to be at higher risk for corrosion. This is because they are exposed to moisture.

What to do?

The cost is about $30 for a bundle. The corroded roof materials should already be replaced. This is to remove the risk of future damage.

The leakages and other damages in your roof may be just repaired without necessarily replacing your entire roof. You just have to be prompt in addressing the problems to prevent further damage.

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